Swimming Pools

Five beautiful pools of various shapes and sizes are located outdoors. Each providing a private oasis that fulfils the wants of every guest, whether quietly relaxing on a chaise in the sun, swimming laps and enjoying energetic activities such as water aerobics, or sipping on some refreshments and listening to some upbeat music by the bar, the pools here are sure to impress.

The Nino Pool:
A freestyle pool located behind the reception, this is a great place for guests to chill out, relax on a deck-chair in the sun and enjoy a cool dip in the inviting water – a peaceful retreat from the lively atmosphere of the other poolside areas. Pool also contains a children section with 40 cm depth.

The Kids Pool:
Located next to the kids’ club area and shaped in the face of Mickey Mouse, the kids’ pool is a fun-filled place where kids splash around the pool and sing along to popular kids’ songs. With a maximum depth of 90 cm, the pool is shallow enough so that parents don’t have to worry about their children’s safety.

The Grand Pool:
Overlooking the beach, this poolside area offers guests a party atmosphere, thanks to the popular house music and water activities. Guests can enjoy the music and cool drinks whilst socializing with friends on their chaises, splash around in the freestyle pool, or enjoy a game of water volleyball or water polo.

The Luna Pool:
Designed in the shape of an Olympic pool (22.5 meter in length) and overlooking the grand pool, it is perfect for guests wishing to indulge in some single activity such as swimming laps, ending their exercise with a refreshing drink and some snacks at the bar. Exclusively heated in the winter, this pool is also attracts guests that enjoy swimming in the colder months.

River Pool:
A river shaped pool with a stunning green island in the perfect position in the heart of the resort; this pool is besides swimming the most popular place for scenic picture taking from the island or perhaps the lobby bar terrace.

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